• Heal from past hurt or toxic relationships that keep you from moving on
  • Fluidly move through life transitions and embrace change
  • Break free from harmful habits and beliefs that limit your potential
  • Let go of guilt, shame and self-doubt, embrace your self-worth and grow your confidence
  • Be your authentic self without worrying about pleasing others or seeking their approval
  • Set healthy boundaries and communicate clearly, calmly and with ease
  • Cultivate greater self-compassion, forgiveness and acceptance for yourself and others
  • Create day-to-day structures that give you direction and purpose without overwhelm

Together we can discover and transform the core issues that are getting in the way of you being able to thrive. You will uncover your hidden reserves of inner strength and peace so you can sail calmly through whatever storms may come your way.

Your needs will be moved to the top of your list, meaning your life goals and dreams can start to become a reality. You will go from just surviving to thriving so you can finally take centre stage in your own life and shine.

Tapping, is a powerful yet gentle and transformative therapy. Together we gently tap on various acupressure points which are the same as those used in acupuncture. While tapping we explore any challenging thought patterns, emotions or memories to help calm and relax your mind and leave your body feeling peaceful and at ease.

Life doesn’t always work out as you would like it to and it’s easy to suddenly find yourself feeling frustrated, fed up and stuck. Using a bespoke approach, we work through your challenges, uncover what’s really holding you back and find the clarity you need so you can be supported to make the changes you want to see.

This gentle therapy rebalances your whole energetic body. It’s used for a wide range of issues, both physical and mental and is a great way to unwind, relax and boost your overall mood. Reiki realigns your chakra system, creates a deeper sense of wellbeing and supports both the physical and mental body to heal.

EFT therapy, Transformational Coaching and Reiki are suitable to be used in combination with other holistic healing methods and where appropriate will be combined with:-

  • Inner Child Healing – to explore any needs that weren’t met in childhood
  • Parts Work – to look at how different parts of our inner selves may be in conflict with each other
  • Shadow Workwhere we work with the parts of us that have been repressed or rejected
  • Soul Whispering – tuning in and listening to the essence of your heart and soul

By combining these healing modalities your complete inner matrix is able to be transformed. Clients I have worked with in this way often report an immediate improvement in their wellbeing, leading to positive changes in their lives. All SkyRose Wellbeing sessions can be used safely alongside health and wellness treatments.

Together we’ll discuss your specific aims and preferences and plan the best approach for your needs.

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“I felt incredibly safe in the space provided and was able to explore some deep rooted issues. I now feel a completely different confidence within me which is brilliant.”

S.M, Wokingham