I am passionate about working with highly sensitive over givers who are tired of having their empathic nature taken for granted. I see the real you in front of me, not who you think you must present to the world.

I offer you the uninterrupted, safe and nurturing space to fully focus on your needs. Our sessions will use gentle and relaxing methods that will run at your pace. As an empath, I work intuitively to get to the parts that are hidden from yourself. We will find the key that opens you to complete healing and better wellbeing.

We will remove internal conflicts, release limiting beliefs and create an inner team that is working for you, not against you. You can feel whole, free from past versions of yourself and authentic. I have consistent success stories from clients who have previously been unable to make changes in their lives.

Carl Gustav Jung

I went on to study Art but felt lost in the world. After this, I moved through lowkey jobs feeling aimless and eventually went on to train as an Art teacher. Throughout my life I had physical and mental challenges that interfered with my ability to fully enjoy life or reach my full potential.

To support my own healing, I had started studying Reiki. Two unpleasant divorces, a baggage of trust issues and low self-esteem led me to explore other healing modalities, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

I am extremely grateful to have 4 beautiful children. The challenges of becoming a single mother further pushed me to heal from past issues. I started to learn how the mind effects the body and came to realise that I was in control of many previous struggles and that I could change them.

I became an Advanced EFT Practitioner, a Reiki Master Teacher and a Transformational Coach. I have qualifications in Inner Child Healing, Advanced Shadow Work, Parts Work, training in working with trauma and ADHD. All of which are integrated and complement the main healing methods I use.

I have been working with these alternative and holistic therapies for over 10 years and have found the results astounding. I believe that any thought, limiting belief or emotion can be changed. This also positively affects the physical body. Your inner selves can learn to work together as a strong and self-supporting team.

Now, my life’s work is dedicated to supporting others in finding emotional freedom and leading their most authentic lives.