Emotional Freedom Technique, also know as EFT or tapping, is a therapy that combines talking and tapping. It focuses on using various acupressure points in the body which are also used in therapies such as acupuncture. Tapping on these points helps your energy to flow through your body more easily and can change how you feel and think as well as helping you to overcome any negative emotions or thoughts.

EFT can help with a number of issues including life transitions, emotional issues, PTSD, addictions, grief, depression, anxiety, anger, low self esteem, lack of confidence, fears, chronic illness, physical pain, negative behaviour patterns and limiting beliefs that may be interfering with your wellbeing.

Within your sessions, relaxation techniques and other healing modalities, such as Inner Child Work, Soul Whispering, Shadow Work and Parts Work will be introduced where appropriate to enable whole Inner Matrix healing.

I work intuitively to guide you through your thoughts and emotions in a safe and confidential environment. While we discuss and explore your issues I will lightly tap on various acupressure points on your face, head, upper body and hands.

If there are sensitive body points these can be avoided to ensure maximum comfort for you. The tapping will calm your mind, leaving you feeling at ease and lighter.

Pains will be alleviated, traumatic memories and negative emotions will be shifted, creating a clear mind and relaxed body.

“I found a real improvement in dealing with my anxiety after one session.”

T.S, Wokingham

Online sessions are available through Zoom. You will be guided through the process as you administer the light tapping to the instructed points. This is equally effective as treatments given in person, but it will require you to have a quiet and private place for yourself and adequate internet connection.

For traumas or phobias that feel too overwhelming to talk about out loud different techniques are used in your session so that you always feel safe and comfortable. Clients come away feeling like a new person, lighter and relaxed, after just one session.

Freedom from suffering is yours if you choose it.

Initial Session

An 80 minute consultation plus a 40 minute first treatment

An initial session is required for all new bookings

Follow Up Session


Only available after an Initial Session – 60 minute treatment

Book 3x 60 minute sessions in advance for only £300

Extended Session

Only available after an Initial Session – 90 minute treatment

An extended 120 minute session is also available at £210

Before booking any treatment it’s essential that I have a clear understanding of your current situation and requirements.

To help with this, I offer a free 20 minute Chat with Susie call as the first step of my booking process. Together we will discuss your specific aims and preferences and then plan the best approach for your needs.

You can also book a call if you would like to find out more about a specific service or if you have any questions about whether this treatment may be suitable for you.

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“I found tapping to be a powerful therapy. Susie is very open and welcoming and helps you identify areas to work on.”

R.R, Wokingham

Recurring negative thoughts can lead to emotional exhaustion and leave us feeling trapped and controlled by behaviours that feel impossible to break free from. They can hold us back in many ways in life by creating negative emotions and low self-worth sometimes without us even realising what’s really happening.

EFT is a gentle therapy that can change all this, leaving you feeling motivated and positive, strong and capable. Founded in the 1990’s by Gary Craig, it is a therapy that combines the psychology of talk therapy and counselling with tapping gently on the meridian acupressure points in the body.

The fight or flight response in us can become overwhelmed when we are stressed, creating adrenal exhaustion. This stress response is managed by the amygdala, a collection of cells near the base of the brain. This is where emotions are given meaning, and where memories and associations and our responses to them are created.

Bruce Lipton, PhD

By tapping on acupressure points while focussing on our stresses and negative thoughts, the body’s stress response from the amygdala in the brain is calmed. Thoughts that seemed to engulf us start to dissolve when in this calmed state and clearer thinking comes into play.

Negative behaviour patterns that have previously seemed unbreakable can be reset and repurposed so that your thoughts are working for you, rather than against you.

Underlying issues that are creating stress in our lives are frequently uncovered during these sessions, leading to more permanent changes to your outlook and resolution of issues that may have been present throughout your life.