Tapping with Susie was so powerful for me and I now have a deeper understanding of who I am. She has an ability to help quickly uncover patterns of behaviour and if you want to dig deeper and uncover layers, she helps do this at your own pace and time.

Working with Susie has been the most amazing life changing experience for me, she is by far the best therapist I have ever had the pleasure of working with.



I found EFT really beneficial for healing from a painful breakup and the traumas that surrounded it. After each session I felt more relief and came back to myself in a powerful way. Susie created an atmosphere of safety which allowed me to explore difficult subjects and EFT cleared the energy out quickly.



Susie has the knack of getting ‘behind the scenes’ of whatever is causing your stress and more importantly, guiding you through the process of letting it go.

This makes it very easy to open up about problems without feeling judged at all. I recommend Susie if you need to deal with any ‘life issues’ that crop up that your GP can’t help with and standard counselling doesn’t fully address.



I had EFT sessions over 6 months to focus on anxiety and stress issues after a medical procedure and I found tapping to be a very powerful therapy. Susie is very open and welcoming and helps you identify areas to work on. She has incredible empathy and is a highly skilled EFT practitioner with the ability to uncover personal insights which form an important part of the healing process.



For me, EFT was highly beneficial for my immediate needs. I’ve had talking therapies in the past and this surpassed all my expectations.

M.N, Bracknell

I felt incredibly safe in the space provided to explore some deep rooted issues. Since treatment I feel a completely different confidence within me which is brilliant.

S.M, Wokingham

EFT helped me understand and process issues I have been fighting with for years. It allowed me to gain insight into myself and deal better with day to day life. All in a safe environment with someone who is open, kind and encouraging.

S.P Reading

Susie’s kindness and understanding makes having treatments so comfortable. After having EFT I can now sit back and take control of my own life with confidence.

C.W, Wokingham

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