Do you feel like some parts of your life are just not working out as you would like them to? Are you getting frustrated and fed up with feeling stuck?

Together we will uncover your core issues and blocks, identify what’s really stopping you from moving forwards and help you to find the clarity you need to change direction successfully. Whichever area of your life you want to focus on, we will explore it together so that you can:

• improve your communication style and strengthen your personal boundaries
• understand your connection to self and improve how you relate to others
• increase your confidence and self-worth
• work on acceptance and forgiveness
• embrace life transitions with confidence
• increase your productivity whilst maintaining a healthy energetic balance
• explore your life purpose and potential
• increase your sense of general wellbeing

Let’s connect the dots together to find the missing parts to your puzzle and start transforming your life.

Viktor E. Frankel

Using a variety of gentle processes and tools we will start to gently clear any limiting beliefs or energetic blocks so that you can reach your full potential faster and more easily. The combination of healing modalities will allow your inner matrix to completely transform, allowing you to be your full authentic self.

These may include; EFT, Inner Child work, Soul Whispering, Shadow work, Parts work, relaxation techniques, and Reiki. Find out more about these on the home page.

Each session is approximately 2 hours long so that you don’t feel rushed and there is enough time to fully explore your situation and support your progress.

Sessions can be delivered face-to-face or online, if Reiki is a suggested part of your support then this will need to be in person.

Your bespoke coaching plan will be designed to meet your individual needs. We start with one session a week over a period of 6 weeks which can be adapted to fit your schedule. After 6 weeks we will review progress and additional sessions may be added if required.

If additional sessions are taken you will be offered the option to increase the length of time in between each session if you prefer.

Susie is a gifted healer and practitioner with a knack of being able to get ‘behind the scenes’ of whatever is causing your stress and more importantly, to guide you through the process of letting it go.

A.B, Surrey

Initial Session

1x 2 hour session to welcome you and start your coaching plan

An initial session is required for all new bookings

6 Coaching Sessions


6x 2 hour Coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs

We start your coaching plan with 6 sessions and add more as needed

3 Add On Sessions

3x Additional 2 hour sessions for deeper work or maintenance

Single sessions also available at £210 after 6 coaching sessions

Before booking any coaching it’s essential that I have a clear understanding of your current situation and requirements. To help with this, I offer a free 20 minute Chat with Susie call as the first step of my booking process. Together we will discuss your specific aims and preferences and then plan the best approach for your needs.

You can also book a call if you would like to find out more about a specific service or if you have any questions about whether this service is suitable for you. Simply click the button below to get started:-

“It’s very hard to find someone like her. I simply couldn’t recommend her more!”

N.M, Reading